Spade and Clover

Johns Island, SC

Located on Johns Island, SC, Spade and Clover’s semi-tropical climate lends itself to vegetables that thrive in countries on the same longitude lines. They look to their environment to dictate what they grow – from tomatoes, cucumbers, and kale to more exotic produce such as turmeric, ginger, and galangal.

Kindlewood Farms

Walterboro, SC

Located in Walterboro, SC, Kindlewood Farms is a small sustainable farm centered around owners Ashley and Matt’s love of growing. What started as two raised beds and a trampoline-turned-greenhouse is now a seven-acre operation, growing and hand-harvesting over 40 varieties all from seed.

Keegan-Filion Farms

Walterboro, SC

Located in Waterboro, SC, Keegan Filion Farms prides itself on honoring the traditions of farming that has been passed down for generations on this near century-old chicken, hog, and turkey farm.

Hunter Cattle Co

Savannah, GA

Located in fertile land just outside Savannah, GA, three generations of the Ferguson Family operate the sustainable, award-winning Hunter Cattle. The family-run operation is dedicated to sustainable practices and animal welfare, resulting in the highest quality, grass-fed beef and farm products for better flavor and nutrition.

Storey Farms

Johns Island, SC

Based in Johns Island, SC, Storey Farms Free Range chickens, ducks, and pigs are ethically raised on local farmland with unlimited access to fresh air and sunshine. A Lowcountry favorite, Storey Farms does it all, from raising the animals, to processing and packaging.

Crosby Seafood

Charleston, SC

Crosby’s Seafood Co. is a Charleston owned market that boasts its high standard of product and service, putting fresh, local seafood on restaurant tables for over 30 years.

Steamboat Creek

Edisto Island, SC

Steamboat Creek, on the North end of Edisto Island, prides itself on offering their exclusive oysters to a select group of Charleston establishments. Owner Michael Kalista is driven by a love of oysters and a desire to dedicate his career to something with a positive environmental impact.

Col. Bill Newsom's Aged Country Ham

Princeton, KY

Among the finest dry-cured hams the world has to offer, Newsom’s authentic aged Kentucky Country Ham is a gourmet and country delicacy. In addition to their All-American Prosciutto, which is weather aged in the rich Kentucky climate, Newsom’s also offers smoked sausage, smoked bacon, preserves, sorghum molasses, relishes, pure unprocessed honey, gourmet pickled vegetables and more.

Beyond Distilling Company

North Charleston, SC

Beyond Distilling Company, based in Charleston, SC, specializes in craft spirits such as bourbon, rum, and gin, including coconut and other tropical flavors. A new distillery with a social and environmentally conscious vision aims to provide fulfilling employment for adults with disabilities.

Smithy Pans

Charleston, SC

Smithey Ironware is a backyard story from Charleston, SC. The idea for Smithey was hatched while founder Isaac Morton was tinkering around his woodshed admiring the smooth surfaces and timeless logos design of vintage ironware. Here, he developed an expertise in restoring beautiful old cookware pieces and Smithey was born.