Located in historic downtown Charleston inside a restored two-story Victorian and adjacent kitchen house, the restaurant’s award-winning cuisine—Husk was named the country’s “Best New Restaurant ” by Bon Appetit in 2011—begins with an unprecedented exploration of Southern food that’s deeply rooted in local ingredients, ranging from heirloom grains to aged country ham. Husk’s talented team together with a carefully compiled network of local farmers and purveyors, builds on that illustrious culinary legacy, enhancing classic flavors and long-standing food traditions with subtle global influences to reflect the modern American South.

Equal parts neighborhood gathering place for locals and bucket list dining destination for travelers, Husk is as elegant and welcoming as the city it calls home, where life moves slower, marked only by shared meals, changing seasons, and the incoming and outgoing tides.

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Spotlight on Some of our Southern Suppliers

Keegan-Filion Farms

Walterboro, SC

Storey Farms

Johns Island, SC

Crosby Seafood

Charleston, SC